Langara Voice Radio 03/28/14 – MH 370, Vancouver Truck Strike

I served as host for this student-produced news broadcast. Produced with Lukasz Jonca, Karly Blats, Chris Slater, Leslie Kam, Gabriel Lee & Alissa Crane.

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EDITORIAL: Israeli-Palestinian film festival debate raises profile of Langara


An image from The People and the Olive, one of the controversial films in the Just Film Festival. (

Langara’s hosting of a controversial film festival last week has served to promote our college as a destination for artistic and political debate.

The decision of the organizers of the Just Film Festival to screen four films related to the Israel-Palestine conflict has been met with controversy, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing for our college.

The Langara Jewish Student Association has claimed that three of the four films portray Israel in a negative and biased light. The festival’s website claims the event is “B.C.’s largest social justice film festival,” and the Langara logo is prominently displayed on the front page of the festival website.

Langara’s campus is not necessarily known as a centre for debate on the world’s hot global issues, but it should be. College and university campuses have always been environments that are conducive to the sharing of ideas. A little bit of controversy is a natural consequence of this.

Langara cannot be held responsible for the views of the individual artists whose films are being screened. These filmmakers have a right to express themselves and their views.

If Langara becomes known as an environment that is home to spirited and balanced debate, its esteem will grow in the eyes of Vancouver’s artistic community, and this is good for the college’s reputation.

The festival, and its surrounding controversy, is a boost to Langara’s profile. We should welcome it and hope that our campus plays host to more events like this that put our college on people’s radars.

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Pizza and marijuana combine on Kingsway

Mega Ill pizza on Kingsway provides pizza infused with marijuana. (Jeremy Matthews)

Mega Ill pizza on Kingsway provides pizza infused with marijuana. (Jeremy Matthews)

A new pizza store has opened on Kingsway, and it is focused on a special ingredient: marijuana.

Mega Ill provides medically-licensed patrons with a place to smoke and enjoy healthy, whole-wheat pizza.

Co-founder and president Mike Klokeid described their eclectic menu.

“It has some international flavours, some traditional with a twist.”

The pizzas can also be infused with cannabis, using a special baking process. Continue reading

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Langara music instructor preaches the importance of social media

Langara Instructor Brian Thompson teaches his students how to succeed in the music industry. (Jeremy Matthews

Langara Instructor Brian Thompson teaches his students how to succeed in the music industry. (Jeremy Matthews

The music industry is better than ever for newcomers, according to Langara College instructor Brian Thompson.

The 22-year veteran of the music industry, who teaches a music business course, said the age of social media provides opportunities to dedicated and open-minded musicians. However, artists who refuse to adapt will struggle. Continue reading

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South Vancouver Seniors’ Centre Finally Funded

A senior relaxes in a nearby park. (Jeremy Matthews)

A Killarney citizen relaxes in a nearby park. (Jeremy Matthews)

South Vancouver will finally be getting a seniors’ centre after more than a decade of requests by seniors.

Located near Killarney Community Centre, the $7.5-million centre will be funded primarily by the municipal government. The federal government announced it will contribute $2.5 million to the project, while the provincial government will contribute $1.3 million. Continue reading

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Inside the Langara Voice: Dailies week

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 2.46.52 PM

Langara College’s Vancouver campus is home to the journalism program. (Google Maps)

A late November evening inside Langara’s A-building, and the place appears to be virtually abandoned.

Walk past the vending machine repairs and humming lights, however, and there is a hub of activity in Langara’s journalism department.

Continue reading

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